The refugee crisis was undoubtedly one of the most prominent issues of 2016 with millions of people leaving conflict-striken countries, such as Syria, in the hope of finding safety. 

However, relocation has gone anything but smoothly. Not taking into account the countless deaths that occur during the perilous journey itself, the influx of the refugees has lead to whole countries taking a stance against accepting and integrating the newcomers into society. As time passes, the divide only becomes greater and escalates into events such as the recent riot in Bulgaria's largest refugree centre

As climate change is prognosed to lead to further massive displacement of people, I wonder what will be the implications of this for nations. Our tribes have originally evolved to protect their resources and land and this basic instinct is still very much there, if recent events in Europe and the US are anything to judge by. Will we be tolerant and 'human' enough to learn to live together and share the scarce resources we will have in a bad climate change scenario or will this mark the beginning of 'climate' wars?